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Best Business Loans for Trucking Companies

There are many challenges that can impact owner operators of trucking, logistic and transportation companies that create a need for working capital. The most critical issues facing the trucking industry include but not limited to truck driver shortages, changing transportation regulations, safety issues, fuel costs, maintenance/repairs, tolls, lodging or cover unexpected expenses. Getting trucking business loans to help run the trucking business is essential to cover the business long term for any working capital issues and provide stability for the business. 

AdvancePoint Capital helps small businesses by provide trucking financing so you can focus on running your business. Whether you’re looking for flexible trucking financing, short term solutions, equipment trucking business loan variations, or financing solutions for a less than stellar credit score — we’ve got you covered. Your commercial truck enterprise deserves loan options that work for you, not against. Discover what we have to offer.

Reasons Trucking Businesses Need Financing

Like any business, the trucking industry have financial needs and unexpected expenses that they need small business loans to cover. Large fleets will need routine repairs, drivers need fuel, toll, and lodging costs covered, and new employees have to be trained. Thankfully, getting a trucking business loan is possible.

Here are some of the most common reasons why transportation businesses need funding:

  • Business Expenses
  • Routine maintenance
  • Lease equipment
  • Purchase new commercial trucks
  • Purchase Equipment
  • Additional working capital needed
  • Cost of fuel, tolls, and lodging
  • Specific business needs
  • Training new employees

Anyone in the transportation business knows that the financial needs of trucking companies are significant. With a trucking business loan, trucking companies can receive the operating capital they need to be successful. Thanks to online lenders, those in the transportation business can receive fast access to the funds they need with a short application process for numerous trucking business loans.

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Qualifying for a Trucking Business Loans

Before you start the loan application process, it’s crucial to know what lenders will need from you for transportation loans. When you consider the different forms of financing, it’s important to note how much monthly payments will cost, how existing debt will factor in your ability to get approved, and your business growth projections. To receive a truck loan, owner-operators should be aware of the following items:

  • Type of financing needed (Trucking business loan vs. Line of Credit Vs. Equipment Financing)
  • Credit scores (sometimes a minimum credit score is required)
  • Amount of working capital needed
  • Business plans and projected growth
  • Repayment plan (low monthly payments aren’t always a given)
  • Cost and additional fees
  • Estimated annual gross sales

The 6 Best Business Loans for the Trucking Industry

Short-Term Business Loan for a California Small Business icon

Short-Term Trucking Business Loans

Business Line of Credit

Business Line of Credit

Equipment Financing for a California Small Business

Equipment Loans

SBA Loan

Commercial Truck Loans

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(Small Business Administration) SBA
Trucking Loans

Invoice Financing

Invoice Factoring

Benefits of
Trucking Business Loans

Working Capital

Operating a trucking company can be a challenge, as delays in getting paid on invoices, maintenance and repairs, complying with state and federal guidelines, and constant costs all can eat into cash flow unexpectedly. That’s why having options for your commercial truck company is essential. Having cash on hand is the best defense for unexpected issues, so having a wide range of small business finance options is a must. Your trucking business needs flexible truck loans that reflect the nature of the job; AdvancePoint Capital can help.

Maintenance and Repair, and Equipment Purchases

Equipment financing is an alternative to repairing and maintaining equipment without depleting cash flow. Keeping vehicles themselves up to compliance and safety standards means finding flexible financing for commercial trucks. The trucking business never has an offseason, so it’s vital to keep equipment in tip-top shape at all times to reach your goals.

Making Payroll

Transportation and trucking’s lifeblood is the drivers. Very few businesses rely more on their employees than trucking and transportation, as they operate most of the work and processes. Ensuring that there is always working capital available to make payroll for your trucking company is critical, and financing options must be in place to compensate for unexpected issues that negatively impact the business bank account. Your funding and loan options should reflect the vast array of operations you need to upkeep your commercial truck company.

Types of Trucking Companies We Serve:

We work with a wide range of trucking and transportation enterprises to give them the financing options they need to reach their goals. Over the years, we’ve worked with countless companies nationwide, offering unmatched expertise and loan variety for trucking businesses. Below is a list of some of our most popular industries:

  • Logistics
  • Medical and air transport
  • Moving 
  • Shipping and freight 
  • Commercial trucking
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