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Like any small business owner, optometrists often run into situations that require the need for financing. That’s why we offer optometry practice loans and opportunities that you won’t find at your bank. AdvancePoint Capital provides a wide range of optometry loans and other financing options for your healthcare company.

Your medical practice faces unique challenges in the ever-changing world of health care management. Mergers and acquisitions have become more popular due to rising costs and other industry factors. Healthcare practices face many financial hurdles, including:

  • Consumerism
  • Regulatory uncertainty
  • Competition
  • Acquiring Patients
  • Merger and/or acquisition
  • Healthcare technology

Nearly half of all optometry practitioners no longer have an ownership stake, so those who do must be prepared for the reasons many require optometry practice financing.

A physician turning to large banks like Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank, and Bank of America for optometry practice financing has become more challenging to get a bank loan due to their strict underwriting guidelines. When a bank says no, we say yes.

AdvancePoint Capital has been experienced in optometry practice financing and physician loans for doctors for years and can help you access those new alternative lending products. We understand the difficulties of operating an optometry practice and the need for loans to support such an establishment.

Our job is to effectively provide the best financing products and options to you to operate your practice effectively. We offer a wide range of medical practice loans through our lenders’ marketplace that empowers our doctors and optometrists to move forward.

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7 Best Optometry Practice Financing Options (May 2023)

Long-Term Small Business Loans

Long-Term Small Business Loans for Optometry Practices

Long term loans are available for business owners looking for a long repayment schedule with affordable monthly payments. An optometry practice loan has affordable fixed terms, rates and monthly payments.

Short-Term Business Loan

Short-Term Small Business Loans for Your Optometry Practice

Short term loans are a good alternative for small businesses who are not qualified for traditional bank business loans.

Business Line of Credit

Business Lines of Credit for Optometrists

Lines of credit offer flexibility with a draw feature up to an approved credit limit like a credit cards.

Equipment Financing

Equipment Loans for an Optometry Practice

Equipment loans and/or leases are available for significant equipment purchases.

SBA Loan

Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans for Optometry Practices

SBA loans are popular with doctors who want long term loans with low interest rates and affordable payments. A good alternative to a optometry practice loan with similar features.

Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance for your Optometry Practice

When traditional loans are not available, merchant cash advance is an alternative. The benefits of cash advance is flexible repayments, limited documentation needed and low credit requirements.

Business Credit Cards

Business Credit Cards for Optometry Practice

Credit cards are a great additional to your financing toolbox for your own practice.

Benefits of Obtaining Optometry Practice Loan

Benefits of Obtaining Optometry Practice Loan

Cash Flow/Working Capital

Operating an optometry practice is a complicated venture that has a lot of moving parts to it. Opening a new office or practice can be even more complex. There are a variety of issues that a doctor can face that can impact the office. Reasons include; managing cash flow of the practice, the need to expand the office, staffing, patients receivables and collections, pressure from large medical groups and competition. Forgetting or failing to meet office payroll is not an option, so it’s essential to have a credit facility in place to control the ups and downs of the optometry practice and stabilize funds with working capital through a variety of funding options

Software and Technology Upgrades

As innovations are always omnipresent, it’s crucial to have the credit facility available to acquire the necessary technology to keep up with best practices in patient base management, boarding new patients, treatment, record keeping, and other office processes that an optometrist or physician may have to manage.

Benefits of Obtaining Optometry Practice Loan - Software and Technology Upgrades
Benefits of Obtaining Optometry Practice Loan - Business Debt Consolidation

Business Debt Consolidation

Debt can build up in a Medical Practice, so debt consolidation may be necessary to improve the overall cash influx for a practice.

Medical Equipment Purchases

New types of equipment are continuously developed in the medical industry to deploy new tests and treatments. Equipment financing is available to defray those costs and not negatively impact your balance sheet or cash flow and offer funding options that upgrade or improve patient care.

The Bottom Line: Why Choose AdvancePoint Capital for Optometry Practice Financing

Experience in the Optometry Industry – We have been helping doctors and funding optometry practices for years. 

Trust – Excellent reviews and feedback from our optometry practitioner or practice. 

Loan Specialists –Dedicated project manager, experienced business funding specialists, who know the ins and outs of the optometry industry and can walk you through the entire process to find the right loan for your needs. 

No cost, no commitment quotes. Products – A Variety of Medical Practice Loan Products. We don’t just offer what we have; we deliver everything available in the marketplace for doctors.

Application Process – This streamlined application process is better than a bank loan, with credit approval in as little as one day for some products AdvancePoint Capital specializes in providing optometry practice financing throughout the United States with practice solutions they need to grow and thrive. An optometrist and small business owners alike can benefit from alternative practice financing. Traditional bank loan options can encompass strict lender credit requirements and loan paperwork that slows down the process.  We believe that our marketplace of optometry practice loans can help your optometry practice get the cash it needs to manage commercial real estate needs, expansion, cash flow, payroll, mergers, and acquisitions — along with other operational needs. Whether your practice is a small business or an enterprise, you’ll need optometry practice financing and loan options that work for you when you need them most.

*AdvancePoint does not provide start-up financing or practice acquisition loans to optometrists..

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