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Business Loans for Manufacturers: How Do I Get a Manufacturing Business Loan?

The manufacturing businesses are driven by several factors such as the economy and the execution of the products they are manufacturing. To operate an efficient manufacturing business, you must have excellent equipment, a proper supply chain, an organized operational process and an efficient and accountable workforce so a quality product can be delivered.

A Manufacturing company knows that having the appropriate manufacturing business loans are essential part of the business plan to help the manufacturing business function and operate correctly. Whether it’s getting more efficient machines or purchase supply in bulk at a discount, a manufacturing loan may be necessary to maintain and build up companies.

Searching for the right Manufacturing financing can be a complex endeavor — but we make it easy to find a loan. Regardless of credit scores, credit history, business needs, payment terms, and more — we’ll be your lending partner to help improve revenue or improve business operations all around. Small business owners need a lender they can rely on; that’s where we can help. We make the loan approval process a breeze, with our network of many lenders and quick and easy ways to get cash flow fast to help out with various business expenses and more.

Whatever comes next in the manufacturing industry, as your financing/loan marketplace, we have the manufacturing business loans and other financing products in our network of lending institutions and alternative lenders you need to grow and expand. AdvancePoint Capital is the manufacturing business loan provider that can help.

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The 7 Best Manufacturing Business Financing Options

When it comes to discovering what manufacturing financing works best for you, it’s essential for small business owners to look through all of your available options to decide which source of capital is ideal. Whether it’s choosing the correct interest rate or terms, you must look at a wide range of factors to select the one that’s right for you. The manufacturing industry turns to advancepoint because our financing options for manufacturers from AdvancePoint Capital are diverse —with various lending partners in our funding provider network, so let’s take a look at 8 of the best manufacturing business loans for your manufacturing business.

Business Line of Credit

Business Line of Credit for Financing Manufacturing Businesses

Small businesses love business line of credit because you can draw money on demand without contacting the lender. Manufacturing companies use line of credit for expand production capacity, improve supply chain logistics, obtain working capital, hire workers, product research and help fuel continued growth.

Long-Term Manufacturing Business Loan

Long-Term Manufacturing Business Loan

Manufacturing businesses use long term business loans for purchase equipment, commercial real estate loans, and large expansions. These reasons come at large costs so long term loan financing makes sense to keeps payments affordable against cash flow.

Short-Term Business Loan

Short-Term Manufacturing Business Loan

Short term loans are used by the manufacturing industry to provide a stop gap against cash flow problems. This product has less paperwork and be acquired faster than other accessible financing solutions.

Equipment Financing

Manufacturing Equipment Financing

Equipment loans for manufacturers are an important product to accessible capital. Equipment and machinery are at the core of most manufacturing businesses. Having financing solutions lined up for purchases is a must with industry growth trends.

SBA Loan

SBA Loans for Manufacturing Companies

An SBA loan is a great long term business loan solution as financing terms are very attractive. Small businesses prefer SBA loans, but the approval process can be difficult and the paperwork and documentation can be lengthy and time consuming. If you meet the qualifications and have the time its an important to consider.

Invoice Financing

Invoice Factoring / Financing for Manufacturing Companies

Invoice factoring is a popular product to improve cashflow at a relatively low cost. Invoice factoring offers is not a loan but an advance on an invoice a manufacturing company issues to a client in advance of payment.

Small Business Cash Advance

Business Cash Advance

Small businesses use business cash advance when they have some impairments to traditional financing such as credit issues, cash flow problems, time in business, financial statement issues or other reasons that a traditional loan won't approve.

Benefits of
Manufacturing Loans for Manufacturing Firms

Cash Flow/Working Capital

Managing cash flow can always be tricky. Manufacturers are always chasing invoices from their customers to get paid. Sometimes, the investment in a new client with equipment, supply, and labor cost before a manufacturing company gets paid can be many months. Therefore, adding new projects and clients can be a real challenge without access to some type of manufacturing loans like a business credit line or short-term loans. Having business financing in place can solve that problem in your manufacturing business by filling the constant demand of short or long-term issues like customer payment delays, supply and equipment purchases, payroll, and general operating expenses.

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Owning Your Manufacturing Equipment

Manufacturing equipment is the foundation for a manufacturer. Repairs and upgrades of equipment are always going to be in the plans for the manufacturing business. In some cases, new equipment can entirely revolutionize how the manufacturer’s process works, creating significant efficiencies and cost savings in the long run. Accessing equipment financing allows small businesses to purchase new equipment to expand production capacity, gain new clients, operate more efficiently, improve supply chain logistics and in some cases, reduce labor costs and profit margins. Plus, you can utilize equipment as collateral to obtain a loan for operational costs and additional capital. If there’s one industry that thrives on equipment and machinery, it’s manufacturing.

Hiring Employees and Managing a Growing Team

Working capital loans offer a great way to get the working capital small business owners need to keep operations rolling, hire workers, improve job growth and provide peace of mind to the small business owner knowing that payroll funds will always be available.

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Making Payroll

When you can't pay your employees, you're in trouble. A business line of credit or merchant cash advance will help you make payroll so you can keep your doors open even when finances are tight.

Supply Chain, Product Research and Inventory

Supply chain, Product Research and inventory are essential to companies committed to fulfill purchase orders and grow the business. Having financing in place for working capital needs such as inventory will level out supply and demand, so it does not become a problem. Business loans can be the source of capital to fill this need for your company when funds are a must.

Types of Manufacturing businesses we have Served

Food Manufacturing

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Precision Manufacturing

Medical Devices Manufacturing

High Tech Economy Manufacturers

Electrical Harnesses Manufacturers

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