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Business Expansion

Business Expansion
application for merchant cash advance pens

Preparing an Application for a Merchant Cash Advance

Applying for a merchant cash advance is relatively easy. But, before applying, it’s crucial to understand the application process, the cost of a cash advance, and what could stop you ...

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construction company loc

Construction Business Line of Credit: What are my options?

The construction industry is on track to keep growing, and you want your business to ...

Business Expansion
smb loc stated income

How to Get a Stated Income Business Line of Credit

What Is a Stated Income Business Line of Credit and How Does It Work? A ...

Business ExpansionBusiness Guides
construction equipment loans

Construction Equipment Financing: What are my Options?

Construction contractors often times are looking to expand there construction business with construction equipment. Construction ...

Business Guides

Business Guides
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4 Signs Your Business Needs to Increase Working Capital

4 Signs Your Business Needs to Increase Working Capital A company’s working capital is ever-changing — with each month, businesses need enough cash to pay their short-term obligations. But how ...

Business Guides
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How Hard Is It to Get an SBA Loan?

Establishing a good working capital ratio can be challenging when operating a small business — ...

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Preparing an Application for a Business Line of Credit

Business lines of credit are a popular commercial funding method. About 40% of small businesses ...

Business Guides
attractive woman holding credit card and using com 2021 12 09 16 27 51 utc 1 1

How to Establish Business Credit

Getting cash when you’re a new business is hard. Advancepoint Capital helps you find lenders who will work with you. Learn how to build business credit faster.

Business Management

Business Management
business credit scoring

How Does Business Credit Work? A Guide to Business Credit

Business credit, also known as trade credit, is defined as any loan or line of credit to a company for a business purpose whereby those funds are used for a ...

Business Management
restaurant working capital

How to Get Working Capital for Restaurants

For restaurant owners, a restaurant is not just a business that generates profit; it’s about the love of food and the restaurant experience...

Business Management
motivation for smb owners

How to Stay Motivated as a Startup Business Owner

As an entrepreneur and startup business owner, your day-to-day motivation is your fuel. During the ...

Business Management
best small business payroll software

The Pros and Cons of the Most Popular Payroll Softwares

Small businesses and large corporations alike have to use payroll software to keep track of ...

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